Introducing the Mill Street Youth Center

In 1855, the New Braunfels Academy was constructed on the corner of Mill Street and Academy Avenue. This served as the “school” of New Braunfels until, in 1913, a new, larger building was constructed on the site, becoming New Braunfels High School. For decades, it provided students with a place of learning, before transitioning into the New Braunfels ISD administration offices.

Now, New Braunfels Youth Collaborative is returning the building to its original purpose – serving students.

This amazing campus will provide a wide range of programs and activities for students during their out-of-school time. At the Mill Street Youth Center, youth will feel welcomed to be themselves, relax with friends, benefit from a multitude of resources, and, most of all, have fun.

The Mill Street Youth Center focuses on four pillars: