• Academic Success


    Students who thrive in school build the confidence and skills to thrive in life. New Braunfels Youth Collaborative seeks to help students be successful and happy in school.

    • Homework support/tutoring
    • Attendance, graduation, and career guidance
    • College/career prep, and STEM programs
  • Wellness


    New Braunfels Youth Collaborative understands that success in school and life is not about just one thing. Middle and high school students must be in a good place holistically – physically and mentally.

    • Mental and physical needs assistance
    • Financial literacy classes
    • Leadership development, peer groups, and mentoring programs


    Today’s world is full of stresses and challenges for youth. New Braunfels Youth Collaborative offers spaces and programs designed specifically to be positive experiences while building relationships.

    • Creative expression, recreational activities, and social events
    • Positive relationships/friendships
    • Arts, eSports, and volunteer programs


    New Braunfels Youth Collaborative teaches teens that their bodies and minds should be treated with respect by themselves and others. We create activities and opportunities for positive reinforcement of healthy choices.

    • Healthy habit and physical activity reinforcement
    • Substance abuse, health, and body image issue advocacy
    • Outdoor recreation, sports and fitness programs
    • Cooking and nutrition programs

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